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Solving issues in legal sphere

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Disputes between business entities

Debt collection from a counterparty, including complex and ambiguous cases, where the amount of the claim is large, and the position is ambiguous. Inclusion in the process at any stage and in any instance - in the "package" of services.

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Cases of Administrative Offenses

Fines and their controversy - such cases "overwhelmed" the Russian courts and an understanding of what and why you can achieve by filing a complaint on the results of administrative punishment will save a lot of time, nerves and forces. In modern realities, judicial practice in this category of cases is changing rapidly, and what yesterday was hopeless - today it is easily and quickly challenged in favor of "violators".

In this segment of the practice, among other things: challenging administrative punishments in the entrepreneurial sphere, in the field of traffic (including popular parking on lawns, where for legal entities are established simply draconian sanctions), construction, violations in the field of currency legislation and many others.

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Labor law

(with a slant, of course, towards employers). In addition to legal proceedings against employees (including frank extortionists) demanding payment of wages, reinstatement at work, which do not agree with disciplinary sanctions, I managed to develop other skills in this area, such as: the analysis of local documents (regulations on labor regulations, wages, various codes of conduct, orders for hiring and dismissal, encouragement and punishment, etc., etc.), their development and design. Participation in negotiations with employees and employers.

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Environmental law

and their relations and nature protection bodies, which resulted in the experience gained in the relevant field. Challenging accrual of payments for negative impact on the environment, disputes on the issue or refusal to issue all kinds of permits, approvals of waste disposal regulations, emissions; disputes based on the results of exit and (or) documentary checks - all this and much more is today my practice in this field.

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Criminal law

With an emphasis on the spheres of economics and malfeasance extends my professional experience. Today, despite any preventive measures on the part of the state, there continue to be cases of pressure through the judicial and investigative apparatus for entrepreneurs, owners of large businesses, often investors. Therefore, not only the successful protection of businessmen from the beginning of criminal prosecution, but to a greater extent the prevention of such a situation as such may indicate the professionalism of the legal adviser. This includes both protection at the stage of investigation and judicial protection, including appealing against sentences in higher instances.

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Construction and Design

Everything that follows from the construction contract, design, construction supervision, customer / contractor proceedings - you can also contact me on these and similar issues. In the same area are not only disputes with contractors at construction sites, but also disputes with supervising construction authorities (construction supervision) regarding the issue or non-delivery of AOS, permits for commissioning and many others.

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Initiation of bankruptcy procedures, avoidance of bankruptcy procedures when required by creditors. Here I also refer to the contesting of the debtor's transactions (suspicious transactions) - a very unpleasant opportunity for some creditors of the debtor to return money to the bankruptcy lot; for this part I managed to accumulate a certain positive experience. Taking into account that not only organizations, but also citizens are actively bankrupt today, this aspect of relations does not cease to make itself felt.

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Tax law

and consulting on the application of tax legislation. Here, without exception, I can include disputes based on the results of tax audits, disputes related to reimbursement of payments from the budget, challenging other decisions and actions of "tax collectors"; support during tax audits.

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Corporate law

as well as numerous extra-judicial aspects related to advising on corporate law issues, transaction support, and so on. Despite the active opposition of the state to raider seizures, hostile takeovers - the practice is still relevant and in demand.

Counseling in this area extends, inter alia, to disputes between participants and (or) shareholders of legal entities (so-called corporate disputes), disputes of shareholders with the companies to which they are parties and "intracorporate" disputes; presupposes the recovery of losses from the actions of managers and management bodies of companies; challenging shareholders' agreements. Traditionally, this includes the analysis of constituent documents for compliance with the law, especially in the light of changes in the legislation on limited liability companies and joint-stock companies, as well as changes in the civil code affecting its rules governing the activities of legal entities.

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About me
About the lawyer

I have been practicing law since 2003, right after graduation from the university, starting as part of a small legal office with family and hereditary cases. After several years he devoted himself to the civil service, representing in the courts the interests of state bodies on disputes with legal entities that are engaged in the gas industry.

For more than ten years he worked in consulting, where he formed the main baggage of his professional experience and, in particular, a complete package of skills from the support of the current activities of legal entities to proceedings in courts of all levels. The status of attorney received in 2008 and to the present time is a member of the Chamber of Advocates of Moscow.

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